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News & Press: The Girl Scout Research Institute

Beauty Redefined : The Future of Girls' Body Image, Health and Media

Friday, May 28, 2010   (2 Comments)
Posted by: jennifer punch
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Webinar on Beauty Redefined : The Future of Girls' Body Image, Health and Media

Date: Wednesday, June 9, 2:00- 3:00 p.m. EST

Please click on the link to register:


Imagine a world where girls' ability mattered more than their appearance.

Imagine a world where girls' energy went to changing the world rather than aspiring to look like fashion models.

The childhood obesity epidemic has caused girls to be caught in a double bind-on one end they hear that children are overweight today and that is unhealthy and unattractive-on the other end of the spectrum they see images of girls and women who are super-thin and over-sexualized. What is healthy? As a result girls are left feeling confused and not knowing what or who to believe. We know from girls though that their definition of health and body image are linked. They see connections between physical and emotional health that adults often miss. For example, for girls, being healthy means feeling good about yourself, your body, having friends and family support.

Join us for an engaging discussion of these issues based in research, program and policy efforts led by Girl Scouts of the USA. Highlighted work will include a recent survey by the Girl Scout Research Institute about girls' body image and the fashion industry as well as national findings on girls health. In addition we will discuss an exciting new piece of legislation initiated by Girl Scouts - the Healthy Media for Youth Act as well as new programming on girls and self-esteem.


Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) is the preeminent organization for and leading authority on girls with 3.8 million girl and adult members. Now in its 97th year, Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. The organization serves girls from every corner of the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

The National Collaboration for Youth (NCY) is a coalition of national organizations committed to advocating with and on behalf of youth and, in particular, in research-driven "positive youth development".


monica hartman (hargrove) says...
Posted Monday, June 07, 2010
The obesity epidemic among youth is quite serious. Statistics show that the present generation have a lower life expectancy than generations before them. Fostering balance, moderation in all things, and overall love and respect for ones health and others is part of a strong foundation in approaching this health care crisis. Focus on the journey to optimal health, rather than the state of obesity. We can't change the past, but we can relish today and move forward with energy and enthusiasm for achieving better balance and fitness in our lives.
Beth Temple says...
Posted Wednesday, June 02, 2010
06/02/2010 A.D. (Yet!...) 09:27 E.S.T. - U.S.A. Reply To: 'Beauty Redefined-The Future of Girls' Body Image, Health and Media' Eventually, and little by little, girls will learn to trust in their own decisions regarding participation in current popular activities, fashions, and trends. Being involved in Girl Scouting helps girls to become better enabled to view their own and others' personal individualities in a positive manner, gain self-esteem, and then become able to recognize how to make the right choices for themselves and others, in any situation. Learned skills of self-confidence in one's rights and abilities to take a stand for improvements, empower girls to work toward making a difference happen for the betterment of themselves and others, even when faced with conflicts, and oppositions. Right choices being made will then be the hoped for result, regardless of any demeaning, demanding, and negative forces as demonstrated by societies, peer groups, and other persons.

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