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Scouts honor women for World Thinking Day 2011

Monday, March 07, 2011   (0 Comments)
Posted by: jennifer punch
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by: Teuta Shabani Towler | March 6, 2011


World Thinking Day is an annual event for Girl Scouts around the globe. Every Feb. 22, girls participate in activities, games and projects with international themes to honor and celebrate global friendships.
The theme for World Thinking Day 2011 was "Empowering girls will change our world.”

"The idea behind Thinking Day is for girls to realize and experience that there are Girl Scouts and Girl Guides in over sixty countries around the world. Part of the Girl Scouts’ code says be a sister to every Girl Scout. So this gives the girls an opportunity to connect to girls worldwide,” said Marsha Riibner-Cady, a membership specialist for the Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast.

The Outer Banks North Service Unit #755 put a twist on the theme and decided to celebrate "Women of the World” in honor of the 90th anniversary of women’s suffrage. Riibner-Cady asked the Scouts to choose women from different countries who’d made extraordinary contributions to humanity.

"The troops were asked to have a display of the woman, possibly a food and SWAPS,” said Riibner-Cady. SWAPS is short for Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.

Each girl traveled with a "passport” to the countries represented at the event. The passport was "stamped” with a photo sticker of the woman being represented by that country.

Traveling from one booth to another, they had the opportunity to learn more about the women, and their homelands, sample regional food and work on an art projects.

The troops represented 14 women and their countries:

1. Irena Sendler — A holocaust hero from Poland. Represented by Troop 2106.

2. Isabella I — Queen of Spain, represented by Troop 2108.

3. Ann Frank — Her diary chronicling her family’s life hiding from Nazi in occupied Holland is an international best-seller. Represented by Troop 2109 .

4. Marie Curie — Famous French scientist. The first person honored with two Nobel Prizes, in physics and chemistry. Represented by Troop 2116.

5. Princess Diana — Princess of Wales, England. A celebrated humanitarian. Represented by Troop 2316.

6. Tomoe Gozen — Woman Warrior from Japan. Represented by Troop 2432.

7. Mary Robertson — The first female President of Ireland. Represented by Troop 2502.

8. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf — President of Liberia. Represented by Troop 2512.

9. Amelia Earhart — American pilot, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and set many aviation records. Represented by Troop 2545.

10. Teuta Shabani Towler — First female crime novelist in Albanian literature and an activist during the Kosova war. Represented by Troop 2603.

11. Soong Ching-ling — (Song Qingling) Known as the Mother of the Nation in China. Represented by Troop 4023.

12. Margaret Rose Windson — Princess from Scotland. Represented by Troop 4040.

13. Roberta Bondar — Canada’s first female astronaut and the first neurologist in space. Represented by Troop 4335.

14. Cleopatra — Queen of Egypt. Represented by Troop 4737.

The Fellowship Hall at the Liberty Christian Fellowship Church in Colington was filled with 80 happy girls giggling and chatting about their favorite women. The youngest ones, the Daisies, were shy about asking questions, but they didn’t hesitate to try the food or work on art projects.

The Brownies and Juniors were curious about everything. Martina Farmer of Brownie Troop 2603 said, "I really liked everything about the Thinking Day event. It was a lot of fun. All the women were interesting, but Amelia Earhart was my favorite because she was a famous pilot.”

Girls Scouts is always open for new girls and adult volunteers. Contact Marsha Riibner-Cady by e-mail, or by phone at (800) 777-2687, ext. 1240.


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